custom kitchen cabinets Chicago made of white wood with black handles

Custom Kitchen Cabinets Addison

So much time is spent in the kitchen, in comparison to other rooms in the house, when the time comes for an upgrade it deserves some extra attention. Our bespoke kitchen cupboards are both functional and stylish, crafted from the highest quality materials. With a wide range of designs, we have a style to suit everyone. with our stunning cabinets, you’ll want to spend more time in your kitchen.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets Interior

When we look at kitchen cabinets we focus on the exterior and the aesthetic of the cabinet. However, when we think about functionality it is the interior of the cabinet that has paramount importance to a high-functioning kitchen. Our custom cabinetry is designed so that there is no dead, or wasted space in your kitchen, and that no matter how large or small your kitchen space is our innovative designs will ensure you have maximum storage space as possible.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets Design

Our experienced designers will help you and guide you through designing and planning your perfect kitchen. If you have a specific idea in mind, they can help you make it a reality. They will make sure that every available inch of space is utilized and that no space is wasted.

The Advantages Of Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Fantastic Toughness

Your custom cabinets will be made to endure, which is one of the top advantages of having custom kitchen cabinets. When you build bespoke kitchen cabinets with design specialists, you may use superior components that endure. Your custom cabinet maker will also take time to assure quality.

Authentic Design

Custom kitchen cabinets also have the advantage of being able to be modified to accommodate the unique design and layout requirements of your kitchen. If you’re installing cabinets around a kitchen island or in an oddly shaped room, custom installation will benefit you the most.

Exceptional Beauty

The fact that custom kitchen cabinets will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home’s interior is a vast advantage. Your handmade cabinets will give your kitchen an unmistakable air of luxury whether you choose sturdy hardwoods or streamlined glass. They will reflect your home’s style.

Basic Types Of Kitchen Custom Cabinets Addison

If you are planning a kitchen remodel, or changing your kitchen cabinets, there are different types of custom kitchen cabinets Chicago made, to choose, including: base cabinets, wall cabinets, tall cabinets and specialty units. You need to know which cabinets you want and where you want to place each one.


Base Custom Kitchen Cabinets

A base cabinet is built especially for kitchens and bathrooms, it rests on the floor and is fixed to the walls. They have exposed legs, or legs that are covered with a toe kick which is used to make the kitchen look more attractive and uniform. They are used for storage and to support other heavy items, such as: countertops, cooktops, and sinks. Base custom cabinets are extremely strong. Kitchens are usually composed of both base cabinets and wall cabinets. The standard size is 36” tall and 24” deep, the depth however can vary to 27”, giving you more storage space.

Kitchen Wall Cabinets

Custom kitchen cabinets Addison produced come in different types. The base units are on the bottom and have the important function of supporting the countertops, as well as being used for storage. Above the base units are the upper wall cabinets, these are mounted above the base cabinets on the wall. The upper wall cabinets are the focus in a kitchen remodel, their function is for storage space and they are also the cabinets you focus on in the kitchen. The upper wall cabinets are usually 12 inches deep, a trained cabinet maker can increase this to 17 inches.

Pantry (Tall) Cabinets for More Storage

Custom made pantry cabinets – also known as tall cabinets – start from the floor and reach up to the ceiling. The height of the cabinet means that you will have maximum storage space within the cabinet. Ensuring that you have adequate storage space in your kitchen to match your needs. The pantry cabinet ranges in height from 84 to 96 inches. The exact measurement depends on the height of your kitchen. The interior of the cabinet is versatile and can be made to match your exact requirements, Whether containing no shelves for a broom storage cabinet, or shelves for food storage.